I’ve been involved in local internet marketing now for literally 12 years. I’ve watched it change from an experimental beginning field into a highly polished craft. The advantage for you is that your competitors are still a decade behind me, and you just got access to information that can accelerate you ahead of the curve, and save you the last decade that I’ve spent learning what’s working and what’s not working. By the way, what’s working today isn’t necessarily what’s going to be working three years from now, but whenever there’s something new that’s hot and actually getting a good return on the advertising dollar investment, I like to strike hot because the customers you get off of it, if you do a good job with them, can be repeat customers long term.

Things like Groupon, which worked really well for a short time, has language now for most businesses and a lot of us now won’t even run a Groupon because of the negative consequences that are potentially possible with it. At least in our business, when I looked at the consequences for Groupon, it looked like that if you weren’t able to service the customers really well that came in a big flood – and they do come in a big flood – but one of the possible negative consequences is having many of those customers go and write bad reviews about you on Yelp.

Speaking of Yelp – that’s the thing that’s working the best for our customers right now, and getting a good return on investment. Those businesses that are focusing on their Yelp profile, and know what they’re doing, are getting huge returns on their investment. And when I say “huge,” I mean a hundred dollars back for every dollar invested. And, no I’m not guaranteeing you that you will – don’t be silly.

But if you do it right, we’re seeing this happening over and over and over again, and we’ve seen it happen with our small business and the small businesses of some close friends, as well as happening with other small businesses around us. At the moment, as far as taking on new clients for this, we’re full. But what we can do is send you some information about what’s working and what’s not working that you can work on improving your business yourself.

A quick rundown: Google Adwords – we see it working in some of our industries. Facebook advertising – we’re not able to get it to work anywhere at the moment, and I’m not saying it doesn’t work. I’m just saying I can’t get it to work right now. Doing good in Google Organic – I’m seeing people get good returns on investment, but you better hire the right company to help you with it. The wrong company will just cost you a fortune and get you nowhere, or even worse, get you penalized by Google by applying underhanded, sneaky tricks. Yelp reviews, on the other hand – massive return on investment for most people I’m talking to, provided you’re in the right industry.

For local internet marketing, for me it’s a no-brainer right now to focus on Yelp first, and then focus on everything else that’s more expensive after that. Of course if you have already gotten bad yelp reviews, you may want to check out our product. Of the most expensive products we sell, it’s still less than any businesses spend on Facebook advertising, or Google AdWords per week, and once you’ve got your Yelp profile running, it only takes 2 minutes a week to keep it running properly.

If you’d like to get information and if you want some more advanced help or your interested in some real heavy-duty training on local internet marketing specifically as it relates to Yelp, put in your email address above and it will send you to our private sight to get started.