If you have a small business, marketing online at this point can become essential.  It’s no longer even an option.  It’s no longer something you can think about.  It’s no longer something you can try to decide if it’s worth it or not.

For small business, marketing online is the only way you’re ever going to survive these days.  It’s not even the point anymore where people are just searching for things in Google.  They’re looking on their phones; they’re using apps, and those of us that are highly connected to our customers through online means and understand how to do it cost effectively and efficiently are making more money now than we ever have before.  Those people who aren’t doing it or those who are not doing it efficiently or doing the wrong things are literally starving to death and going out of business.

It’s turning into a world where some of the businesses are getting 90% of the customers and the rest of the businesses in the area are starving.  The great thing about it is good businesses are being rewarded for what they are doing right and bad businesses are being cut aside.  It’s becoming more cut throat and efficient than it ever has before.

We’ve been in this game for ten years now.  We’ve put together a list of recommendations that every small business should be following and if you’re not following these points, you’re not even in the game yet.  First you need to know what these points are, then you can figure out the most efficient ways to accomplish them.  Nothing to buy, no obligation we just want to give you the right direction to get started in so you’re not wasting your money.  Put your email address in below and we’ll immediately send you the list.